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Types of research article

Types of research article 

Sleepless nights, worry about experiment results, experiment failure (due to a technical issue or an unintentional error), and data analysis are all common occurrences in the life of a researcher. Once a researcher has gotten all free from these obstacles, the next step is to publish a research article in a peer-reviewed journal, which is required to begin a career in academia. Typically, original research articles take time to publish because scholars have to design work, select sample size, collect data, and conduct analysis; however, this does not mean that scholars should wait until then for publication. There are also other types of publications, some of which require original research (experimental work) and others of which are based on previously published research articles (reviews). Before publishing, all types of articles should be thoroughly understood. Here, we get a brief idea of the different types of research articles that you can use to spread your work in the scientific community with relevant related field articles. There are guidelines for authors to follow when publishing a manuscript on each journal’s website. The author should follow these guidelines and prepare their manuscripts in accordance with the journal’s requirements.

These are the few possible types of research article

Original research

The most common type of research article is one that reports original research data and falls under the category of primary literature. It includes mainly hypothesis, aim and objective, method and material, results, discussion and conclusion. Original research is long and requires more resources and time to complete. It reports new findings in particular fields and with word limits ranging from 3000-6000 or sometimes more.


A review article, also known as secondary literature, is a critical evaluation of an already published article that includes a summary, comparison, and data analysis. It provides an overview of previously published work and suggests new avenues for future research. The review article is further subdivided into three subcategories: Literature reviews, Systematic review, and Meta analysis. The word limit for reviews varies by field and subject area, as well as where you want to publish, and ranges from 3000 to 10000 words.

Case report and case series

Case reports describe a patient’s diagnosis, treatment, response to treatment, and follow-up, whereas case series involve a group and a number of patients who received the same treatment, and both include demographic information (name, age, gender, etc.) of patients. It is formatted similarly to an original manuscript and includes an abstract, method material, results, and discussion section. It necessitates more clinical knowledge and practical experience, and it is not appropriate for early-career researchers.

Letter to editor

A letter to the editor is one type of manuscript that is published in a journal. It is a short letter generally responding to an already published article in a journal or raising a new concern. Before submitting a letter to the editor, the author should send a per-submission inquiry to the journal. The word limit of letter to editor is ranging from 300-1000.

Clinical trial

It is medical-specific, and it, too, necessitates constructive knowledge and practical experience. It includes the methodology, implementation, and results obtained from a large patient group through the control studies. Clinical trials also necessitate the application of medical ethics and authenticity. This type of research would be beneficial to the pharmaceutical industry, the health department, and the research and development department.

Perspective, commentary, and opinion article 

Opinion articles express the author’s point of view on a specific study, which may include interpretation, analysis, or methods of study. In an opinion article, the author expresses his or her thoughts on the strengths and weaknesses of a theory or hypothesis presented in the article. Such articles encourage debate on current scientific issues. These are also fairly brief articles.

Book review

Book reviews are published in the majority of academic journals. A book review’s purpose is to provide an overview and opinion on a newly published peer-reviewed book. A book review takes less time to write and is classified as a short article. It is a good option for early-career researchers who want to keep updated on new discoveries in their field while also including publication on their resume.


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Before publishing authors should also consider the Journal level metrics.

Do comment let us know which article you find more convenient in terms of submission and preparation.

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