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Our Team

Our Team

Sit back & relax as we have an exceptionally talented team who are keen to work for the betterment of the task in your hand. We are a team of experienced writers, medical illustrators, remarkable proofreaders, marketers, and designers who are willing to work closely with you or your team to work persuasively for your needs. We will make you, your products and your articles as impressive as they should be because we understand that you deserve the best. Our medical writers brag the advantage of having the expertise and in-depth knowledge of the subject as they proudly own past clinical experience in medical settings and years of copywriting experience.
Dr. Rashmi Agrawal
Chief Editor, Content Specialist & Strategist, Guide/Mentor

Area of Expertise: Core medical and surgical writing, Reviewing, Editing, Copywriting

With her effective Clinical Background, Rashmi is a pro in the medical field. She is a Gynecologist by profession and her proven track record and sound talents make her the backbone of the team. With more than 8 years of exposure, she is blended with supremacy and the best advice & guidance. Under her surveillance, the team is perpetrated towards excellence as Rashmi does not like to reconcile for less. With her on our side, the team is poised to offer you the article copies that are articulated with excellence.

Dr. Melisha Rolita Pinto
Content writer, Medical writer, Proof-reader, Blogger, Editor

Area of Expertise: Medical writing, Core editing, Dentistry, Biostatics

Having a versatile knowledge of various fields, Melisha is punctual at her work, a keen observer and her expertise in content writing are unbeatable. She has done her master's in Dental surgery in oral medicine and radiology and MBA in clinical research. Melisha is awarded a fellowship by the European Society of Radiology in the field of Head and Neck Radiology. She has published 5 research papers and a book. She also had experience as a lecturer. She is very dedicated to her work.

Dr. Ankita Gupta
Content Writer, Blogger, Proof-Reader, Editor

Area of Expertise: Core Medical Writing, Editing, Dentistry

A proven track record of writing and reviewing medical articles in top-notch MCI approved Journals, which makes her a pro in fulfilling your Medical Writing requirements. Ankita, a Senior Lecturer, and Dentist by profession, she possesses in-depth knowledge of framing the articles in the exact way that will suffice your needs. Ankita has more than 6 years of experience in this field and always up for new and exciting projects in hand; she has published more than 12 articles to date.

Dr. Dipanjana Ghosh
Scientific Writer, Medical Writer, Proofreading, Editor

Area of Expertise: Medical writing, Pharmacy, Reviewing, Editing

An accomplished scholar, scientist, and editor, Dr Ghosh is well-known for her groundbreaking research in the field of proteomics. She was awarded a PhD for her work in Oncoproteomics at the National University of Singapore, where she also served as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow. Dr Ghosh has served as an Associate Guest Editor and a peer reviewer for journals such as the Journal of Plant Physiology, and Plant Molecular Biology Reporter. Dipanjana is the author of ten papers published in SCI-indexed international journals, three books, and two book chapters published by Elsevier. She has also received several awards and honours, including three international, two national, and one state awards.

Dr. Sujeetha
Scientific Writer, Medical Writer, Proofreader, Editor

Area of Expertise: Medical writing, Proof reading, Reviewing, Editing

A geneticist and molecular biologist with a wide range of experience. Sujeetha has expertise overseeing Post-graduate thesis research. Her seminal work has been published in peer-reviewed journals such as Pharmacognosy Journal. She has chaired and also delivered papers at prominent forums; seminars, conferences and workshops. Sujeetha has profound experience of writing and supervising various academic projects. She has been supporting our team in medical and comprehensive writing assignments. She is popular amongst our service users for her conceptual approach, knowledge and eye for detail. She is constantly seeking perfection in her work and never settles for anything less than ideal.

Shubham Singh
Financial Expert, Business Communicator & Developer, Blogger

Area of Expertise: Computer & IT, Business Communication, Sales, Management, Web Developer

Shubham has great management competency in his work. His versatile brain cover area like commerce, computer science his handling of business communication, formatting and many more. From handling the website to a strategy of business, he has shown his potentials and multitasking with prominent outcomes. He also has a great command to present his thoughts in his writing skills. He has an important and irreplaceable place in our team.

Nakul Gautam
Scientific Writer, Medical Writer, Business Communications, Proofreader, Editor

Area of Expertise: Medical Editor, Pharmacy, Creative Content Writing, Blogging

Nakul Gautam is part of the healthcare communication segment for more than six years. His experience counts working in two national health systems (India and the United Kingdom). Nakul's expertise in the field of pharmaceutical sciences, health system research and medical writing. He is an experienced professional with a track record in scientific and business communication. He has been part of various strategic communication projects, i.e. report writing, business proposals, creative writing, designing and writing newsletters. Mr Gautam also specialises in writing systematic literature reviews, research proposals, conceptual papers, editorial, book reviews etc.

Dr. N Sai Sri Harsha
Content Writer, Medical Editor, Proofreader, Statistician

Area of Expertise: Medical Writing, Dentistry, Biostatistics, Editing, Reviewing

Sai Sri Harsha is a periodontist with a masters degree in dental sciences. Dr Harsha is blished author with more than ten publications in journals of national and international reputation. His research experience also includes presenting papers and posters at national and international conferences. Harsha brings expertise in content writing, editing, and proofreading to our team. His exceptional talent in conducting statistical analysis giving him an edge for quantitative and mixed methodology research projects. Urge for improvement, desire to grasp new skills and ownership makes him a perfect companion in your research journey.

Dr. Anshika Khare
Content Writer, Biostatistician, Proof Reader, Editor

Area of Expertise: Medical Writing, Dentistry, Biostatics, Editing, Reviewing

Anshika is a Clinician and Assistant Professor by profession; she has published more than 12 articles. With more than 6 years of background and expertise in the field of biostatics, the team is influential to fulfill & adhere to publishing requirements. She has actively participated in editing the articles and articulating them to meet the acceptance criteria of top-notch Journals. Anshika has a well-established track record in Medical writing field and she can instill perfection in the articles.

Tanusha Pathak
Content writer, Scientific writer, Creative writer, Review, Editor

Area of Expertise: Scientific content writing, Editing, Creative content writing

Tanusha has completed her master's of biotechnology, also possesses diplomas and certifications in the English language. She also has adequate knowledge and experience of content writing and editing, with the great command of language. She has shown her perfection in her writings without leaving an error. Her articles are well researched and are self-explanatory. She also has knowledge of creating SEO-friendly content. Her propensity for writing makes her so passionate about her every project.

Shubha soni
Social Media Strategist, Content Writer, Blogger, Editor

Area of Expertise: Content Writing, Creative Content Writing, Blogging,Review, Proofreading, Social Media Posts

Shubha has done her master's in technology in the field of Biomedical Engineering which has enabled her to have perfect knowledge of both medical sciences and technology. She is constant towards her writing and giving her foremost to the writing. Having innovative thinking, she proved herself as an illustrious social media strategist. A good experience in handling social media and blog writing makes her an asset to our organization. She is passionate about her work and aims to deliver the best of her potential.

Jitendra Yadav
Content Writer, Financial Expert, Business Communicator & Developer

Area of Expertise: Core & Technical Writing (Computer & IT), Business Writing, Financial Writing, Business Communication, Sales

Jitendra has a versatile experience of writing, in different fields and established expert in diverse writing areas. A commerce and Computer Science graduate by education, he has implemented his knowledge extensively in offbeat fields. Jitendra has more than 3 years of experience of writing content in various research themes, such as business communication, and core IT content. Having Jitendra in our team, we make a blend of expert writing with an unconventional approach.

Nilu Roy
Content Writer, Blogger, Proof Reader, Social Media Strategist

Area of Expertise: Website Content Writing, Product description, Creative Content Writing, Blogging, Wordpress, Social Media Posts, Content Optimization

Beside flair in writing, Nilu mingles her writing skills perfectly with creativity & SEO favorable keywords. She has a sharpened eye in writing and composing articles to make them sound and error- free. Nilu has a comprehensive background of 4 years in the sphere of creative writing and Social Media planning & blogging. A post graduate in Biotechnology, having an inclination towards writing makes her passionate about the project in hand. Her writing styles are best suited for digital & content marketing needs.

Aakash Chowdhury
Biostatistician,Core Medical Writer, Editor

Area of Expertise: Statistics, Database’s processing, Scientific protocol writing

Aakash holds a master's degree in Statistics and Lecturer by profession with cavernous knowledge and 4 years of experience in statistical data analysis. The preparation of scientific protocols is his prowess. He is well versed and actively participate in data mining to understand the best treatments and models of care in hospital and can help clients in the same. He is always one step ahead of recent trends in statistics. Python, statistics for financial analysis,fundamentals of digital image and video processing are his state-of-the-art.He is using his knowledge to add value to the work of the clients. He is a proactive team member for all types of statistics work.

Dr. Kriti Agarwal
Dentistry, Medical writer, Researcher content writer, Editor

Area of Expertise: Research writing, Drafting, editing, proofreading and reviewing, Scientific Presentations

Kriti is a dentist by profession. She has published more than 12 articles, with more than 9 years of background and expertise in the field of dentistry and medical writing. She is influential to fulfill & adhere to the publishing requirements. She has actively participated in editing the articles and articulating them to meet the acceptance criteria of top-notch Journals. Kriti has a well-established track record in the medical writing field and she can instill perfection in the articles.

Sudipta Chatterjee
Microbiologist, Scientific content writer, Blogger, Editor

Area of Expertise: Immunology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, and Genetics

Sudipta has been a researcher, a teacher, and an avid writer. After completing his master's in Microbiology, she has completed her Ph.D. in Clinical Immunology. She has published more than10 papers comprising of original research articles and abstracts to her name in the International peer-reviewed journals. Three of her original works have been published in the highest-rated journal in Rheumatology. In all, she has over 6 years of scientific writing and proof-reading experience for eminent international journals.